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Welcome to the WEB-SDR station located in Berlin, the capital of Germany. (locator/grid:JO62PM)


This WEB-SDR site runs a modified software version with an ip address geolocation tool to localize connected users. The result is added to the user name.
The ip geolocation resolution varies about 50km to your real location and depends on the service that provides your public ip address.

The modified software version provides additional receiver control features such as an automatic mode selection, 10Hz mouse scroll resolution, an advanced
graphical user interface with a customizable view even in different colors, extended frequency-, bandwidth-, mode-, and passband control buttons and much more.

Use the page navigation buttons on top for an easy access to all parts of the page!
Use the hide buttons to customize the web page layout.
Use the color buttons to select your favorite background and button color. The text color switches automatically.
Run this page in full screen mode (F11) and enlarge (ctrl +) the view to ~98% of your page width!

The setup is rather experimental, and neither continuous service nor good performance is guranteed!

This WEB-SDR runs on a Raspberry Pi 2 Model B computer and allows 10 users to connect simultaneously. The access to this web site is geo-ip filtered.
If you discover any issues please drop me an email. Any hints or comments are very appreciated.

You can find the magic of this web page in the details. Have fun and 73 the operator.

Thanks to P.T. de Boer PA3FWM the author of the original unmodified WEB-SDR server software which is the base of this modified version.
The unique software allows to share one or multiple receivers which can be tuned by several users over the internet simultaneously.
More information about the WEB-SDR project can be found on  .

You can access the modified mobile version of this WEB-SDR here:  MOBILE VERSION  . (Supported by most html5 browsers)

Note: Unless your browser supports HTML-5 you must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website.
If you don't hear anything, probably HTML5 isn't supported and Java isn't installed, disabled or its version is too old.
With this WEB-SDR software version many functions don't work without full HTML-5 support! Use the latest release of a HTML-5 browser.

Please note that all your activities at this webpage including your ip address, user name, date etc, are getting logged. Close this page if you do not agree.

It seems you are using a mobile device;  click here  to switch to the mobile version of this site.
It seems Java is not installed or disabled on your computer. You need to install and/or enable it for this website to work properly.
Since Java version 7u51, Java needs to be enabled separately for each website; see for instructions.
Your browser doesn't support HTML5 WebAudio; please try a recent version of Firefox, Safari; or switch to Java.

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Keylist: Fullscreen:
Band and Frequency:
Tune by manual input, click on labels, buttons or click/drag/scroll on frequency scale.
To keep the selected mode, tune with the scroll wheel or use the buttons above only!
S-Meter and Sound:
Signal Level:?dB   peak?dB
mute squelch autonotch
Bandwidth and Mode:
Or drag the yellow passband edges on the frequency scale.
Tuning with the passband bar highlighted in red activates the automode function.
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Waterfall Zoom:
Zoom with scroll wheel on waterfall and move
by dragging the waterfall with the mouse.
Waterfall Settings:

Note: time, freq., name/call, and DXCC info are added automatically.
View the  last 20 lines of the logbook , or the  entire logbook .
Local Time:       UTC: 
Background Color:  Presets: Buttons:
Repeater:    3840 khz net    DB0ZU   Call Sign Search: 
QTH-Locator:    SDR List: 
Statistics:   This WebSDR is in use by ? user(s) simultaneously.       Compact view  
Chatbox:  This chatbox is intended to discuss the operation of the WebSDR. Double click to a displayed call sign, drag/drop it to the QRZ input field, and submit to get further information if available.
Please log in at the  Page Top  to identify your chat message with a name or call sign!

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Solar X-ray:     loading...      more info      Geomagnetic field:   loading...     WSA-Enlil Solar Wind Prediction:    sw-prediction-tool 

Solar Terrestrial Data KP Index Info Propagation Info
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Realtime Aurora Forecast
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(All data update dynamically)

 Aurora Live Webcam     Space Weather Advisory-Outlook    NASA Sun Movies (last 48h):    AIA 304 Sun Movie     Sun Movie List    ISS:   ISS live webcam/position 

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Lightning D/EU
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(images update dynamically)

Lightning D

(image updates dynamically every minute)

There are some links from this website to other sites, which are under the sole control, copyright and responsibility of the authors of those pages.
The operators of this site disclaim any responsibility for any content appearing at the chatbox and of web-sites that you reach through hyperlinks from this web site.
WEB-SDR server software version 11 (modified). Copyright © 2007-2014, P.T. de Boer, pa3fwm(at)websdr(dot)org. Modifications made by W. Grebe, Berlin, Germany.
Displaying this website inside a frame on other websites or copying even parts of this website is violating the copyright law!
So be carefull doing so. You may risk a copyright penalty. There are lots of lawyers out there waiting to earn easy money in such a case!
Updated November 21, 2018, (optimized for 16:9 screen format). Works great with html-5 supported browsers such as Firefox, Opera or Chrome and on tablet devices.

This WEB-SDR site is operated by DL7WHG, Wolfgang Grebe, e-mail: dl7whg(at)darc(dot)de.

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